The best looking mobile billiards game is here!

3ILLIARDS is three games in one, play 9-ball, 8-ball and snooker in single-player, multi-player or versus CPU!

It features excellent HD-quality 3D graphics, customizable clubs and tables, three AI difficulty levels, Pass'n'Play multiplayer AND an Augmented Reality mode!

You can't get any closer to the real deal then 3ILLIARDS! Get it now for apple or android devices!

Through the use of the camera and a special printed marker Augmented Reality allows you to see the table with the cue stick and the billiard balls as it was really there!

  • point your device's camera at the printed marker,
  • move your device around to see the game from different angles,
  • be sure to have sufficient lighting,
  • try not to make sudden movements,
  • have fun!

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Dominik Sylla

Jan Vetulani
Marcin Wasilewski

Game Concept/

Piotr Koźniewski